Have you ever gone to a great training only to forget everything by the next day? Wonder how you were going to implement great ideas into practical reality?

This is exactly why Ron Huxley will provide you will practical and interactive trainings that you can use to build healthier, happier families immediately.

Is Your Organization Trauma-Informed?

The Trauma Toolbox

Each of the topics below are available as individual trainings or as a series. Each workshop typically runs for a full day (6 hours) but can be modified to fit your organizations needs:

Becoming Trauma-Informed

This workshop will provide an overview of what it means to be trauma-informed by looking at the nature of trauma and its impact on the brain and behavior. We will explore the “beautiful brain” and nervous system and how it can be broken. Specifically, we will dive into the heart of compassion for those who have suffered from trauma. We will make personal reflections on how it impacts us, as professionals, as well. The group will engage in the Brain Architecture game and learn their ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) score.

The Road to Resilience

In this presentation will take a trip down the “road of resilience” to look at how we got here as a nation and where we still need to go… We will explore the diagnosis of PTSD and Complex PTSD. A big portion of our training will practice NeuroResiliency tools using ancient and modern techniques to help the traumatized child or adult heal. A TIC model for healing will be offered that is simple and powerful that involves three steps: 1. Calming the brain and nervous system. 2. Increasing competency and skills. 3. Deepen relationships.

10 Tools to Build Resiliency!

Healing Strategies for Hurt Children in the School

This training will develop the healing strategies model discussed in “The Road to Resilience” as it applies to the classroom. Mindfulness tools, morning meetings, safe places, social-emotional learning frameworks (SELF) and more will be introduced so that all levels of school personnel with become trauma-sensitive and allow children to prosper socially, emotionally, and academically. 

Rewire your Child’s Brain!

Healing Strategies for Hurt Children in the Home

Parents need tools to build regulation and resiliency in hurt children. This workshop looks at ways to apply the healing model for hurt children for parents and for the professionals who with them. We will explore how to create power-full families built on strengths, talents, and natural thinking skills. Participants will learn the steps to the “Dance of Attachment” and how trauma can move from one generation to the next. We will explore the arousal/relaxation cycle and the adult attachment interview and its application for organizations that serve families.

Self-Care Strategies and Mindfulness Tools for Trauma

This workshop opens the door to greater understanding of the impact of trauma on the caregiver and professional. Secondary trauma will be explored and how parents and professionals can practice mindfulness to create personal and organizational resiliency. Each participant will leave with a self-care plan they can use immediately. Also, research from Positive Psychology and the science of Happiness will be introduced making this a fun, educational workshop.

Trauma-Informed Champions

This presentation puts all the pieces of the trauma toolbox puzzle together (literally) to look at how organizations can become trauma-informed champions. We dig deeper into the SAMSHA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) trauma-informed best practices, such as the Six Key Principles, 4 R’s, and Three E’s. We will discuss compassionate-based practices that will impact various faith-based communities and cultural groups. Participants will leave feeling competent and capable to provide trauma-informed practices and will have a greater sense of their trauma challenges. 

Contact Ron now at (805) 709-2023 or rehuxley@gmail.com to discuss your training needs.

Here’s what participants are saying about Ron’s presentations:

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“Ron is an exceptional trainer, clinician and child welfare professional. As both a trainer and a public speaker, Ron’s ability to connect his audience to the message is one of his trademarks. In addition to his speaking abilities, Ron is a fantastic writer. He fluidly translates relevant research to his experience as a practitioner, making his work relevant to other professionals in the field, as well as parents.”

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“Ron is incredibly bright and is definitely an out of the box thinker. He not only comes up with great concepts but knows how to implement effective campaigns that get results.”

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“Ron Huxley is a skilled clinician with extensive experience working with families and individuals around adoption-related issues. Ron’s gentle and easy going personality make communicate smooth and him a pleasure to work with. His keen insights and ability to develop strategies and solutions to challenges and struggles are invaluable in the therapeutic setting.”

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“Ron Huxley naturally possesses the much admired and desired balance of being a strong leader yet approachable; confident yet humble; hard working yet fun, and driven yet compassionate. Ron cultivated a professional, learning environment in which people were motivated to do their best work individually and as a team.”

Listen to Ron’s radio interview on Toxic Stress and Resilience here.