Have you ever gone to a great training only to forget everything by the next day? Wonder how you were going to implement great ideas into practical reality?

This is exactly why Ron Huxley will provide you will real-life, educational and interactive trainings. Benefit today from a half-day or full-day training customized to your organization’s needs.

Ron Huxley is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with 3 decades of experience working in private practice, public and private schools, corporate boardrooms, international conferences, community-based nonprofits and faith-based institutions. He has direct experience as a clinical director of various mental health agencies. In addition, is an author and expert quest of talk shows and public media.

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Healing The Hurt Training Series (for Faith-Based Organizations)

Available as half-day (3 hours) and full-day (6 hours) trainings:

Healing the Hurt Child

This training will combine the latest attachment and neurological research with faith-based and trauma-informed approaches to parenting. Help your child progress in their healing journey and create a breakthrough in the family. Ron will introduce his four-step model of healing to calm the brain and nervous system, elevate executive functioning, rewrite negative narratives and deepen inner and outer connections. Emphasis will be on practical tools that participants can use to build their trauma toolboxes.

Healing the Hurt Family

This training will further develop the themes covered in “Healing The Hurt Child” training will focusing on the family system from a faith-based perspective.  Specific attention will be on understanding the difference between traditional and attachment-based parenting, managing compassion fatigue, becoming a Power-FULL parent, and adding more tools to the trauma toolbox.

Maintaining Your Healing

This training will take the information from “Healing The Hurt Child” and “Healing The Hurt Family” training. We will focus on sustaining transformation over time by creating alignment with our identity. Learn faith-based tools to target executive functioning and deepen inner and outer connections. Additional trauma tools that concentrate on telling our trauma stories, dealing with drug and alcohol-exposure, open adoption issues, kinship care and more can be added to this workshop.

Learning Objectives:

Participants in the Trauma Toolbox Training will be able to…

-Define and identify the different types of trauma and its prevalence in society.

-Walk away with a “toolbox” of real-life interventions to eliminate re-traumatization, increase permanency, and increase program outcomes for traumatized children and families. 

– Identify and apply SAMHSA guidelines.

-Develop a plan for the application of new “tools” in the home and/or workplace.

-Create a personal plan for self-care.

-Identify local resources for additional support and treatment of trauma.

-Learn several mindfulness practices to enhance their own lives as well as benefit the populations served.

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The Trauma Toolbox

Available as half-day (3 hours) and full-day (6 hours) trainings:

The trauma toolbox is a customizable training that will take you and your staff. You can pick and choose various trauma-informed topics that meet your specific needs:

-Understanding Your Amazing Brain, Toxic Stress, and Trauma.

-Healing the Heart Interview

-The Adverse Childhood Experiences Quiz

-The Road to Resilience: How did we get here and Where are we going?

-The Science of Resilience

-The Trauma-Sensitive Classroom

-The Trauma-Informed Care Personal Reflection Journal

-The Dance of Attachment and the Adult Attachment Interview

-Attachment-Based Parenting

-NeuroResilience: How to Trauma-Proof Your Nervous System

-Hacking Your Nervous System

-Writing for Resilience

-Regulation Routines and The Safe Place

-Dealing with PTSD/Dissociation/and Grounding Exercises

-The PowerFULL Family

-Mindfulness and Meditation Tools for all ages

-Sensory Integration and Calm Down Boxes

-Expressive Art Therapy Tools for trauma and much more!

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NEW: The Emotionally Regulated Classroom

(Available as 2 hr., half-day, and full-day training):

It’s been reported that one out of every four children attending school has been exposed to a traumatic event that can affect their learning and/or behavior. Educators need the right information, with the right tools, to be prepared at the right time.

When children have experienced chronic and pervasive trauma, their thinking skills are literally hijacked by their emotional brain, shutting down their ability to focus, initiate tasks, follow directions, organize work, and control impulses. Everything a child needs to be successful in school.

How do parents and educators work together to help hurt children and manage their classrooms?

Choose from several Trauma Training topics:

-Becoming a Trauma-Sensitive School

-Classroom Design, Discipline, and Communication

-Signs and Symptoms of Trauma

-What is Trauma and Toxic Stress?

-Adverse Childhood Experiences

-Foster care and children removed from care

-The Two Before Me strategy

-Opinion Walls strategy

-Morning Meetings strategy

-The Two-By-Ten strategy

-The Ouch/Oops strategy

-Speak form the “I’ strategy

-NeuroResiliency in the Classroom

-The Attachment/Arousal Cycle

-Managing Stigma

-Compassion Fatigues and Self-Care Techniques

Contact Ron now at (805) 709-2023 or rehuxley@gmail.com to discuss your training needs.

>>Listen to Ron’s radio interview on Toxic Stress and Resilience here<<



“Ron is an exceptional trainer, clinician and child welfare professional. As both a trainer and a public speaker, Ron’s ability to connect his audience to the message is one of his trademarks. In addition to his speaking abilities, Ron is a fantastic writer. He fluidly translates relevant research to his experience as a practitioner, making his work relevant to other professionals in the field, as well as parents.”

– Catie Hargove, Former Director of Kinship Center Education Institute.

Ron Huxley is a…

International Expert:

Ron has spoken to on the importance of having a Balanced Parenting Styles, Adoption and Attachment, Anger and Aggression Management, and Trauma-Informed Care in every conceivable setting, from a Women’s Prison to Parent/Teacher Conferences to Corporate Board Rooms. He has written articles for Disney Family, Child Magazine, Readers Digest, Pregnancy Magazine, the Recovery Journal, Self-Help Online and Woman’s World. He has appeared on numerous television and radio shows including BBC Radio, LA Talk Radio, the Leeza Gibbons Show, Parents Tool Talk Radio and Oprah.com. Ron has been the clinical director of a children’s mental health clinic in California that specializes in attachment and trauma issues. He is currently in private practice in Avila Beach, California.

Listen to Ron’s radio interview on Toxic Stress and Resilience here.

Contact Ron now at (805) 709-2023 or rehuxley@gmail.com.