Children who have been abused and neglected suffer from an internal model of fear. The world is a scary place. Providers, regardless of the amount of love and tenderness, can’t be trusted. Behaviors can go to the extreme and violate social norms and expectations but these behaviors were normal in an abnormal world. They are now abnormal in a normal family! Unfortunately, children who have been maltreated still operated under F.E.A.R. or False Evidence Appearing Real.

Welcoming Children Home Conference: November 8, 2014

Ron Huxley will be one of the many speakers on adoption and foster care at this years “Welcoming Children Home” Conference at Grace SLO Church in San Luis Obispo, Ca. Ron’s talk will be “WANTED: RADical Parents for RADical children”. Learn about Reactive Attachment Disorder and practical ways to build a strong, loving home for children that have experience trauma and loss.

Welcoming Children Home Conference: November 8, 2014

Attachment Disordered Children – Radio Show Interview with Ron Huxley


If you didn’t catch my radio show interview this morning you can listen to the archived mp3 at Brenda Nixon, host of the Parents Plate radio show, invited me to chat about the controversial diagnosis of Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) and the current state of mental health treatment of traumatized children today. I shared some great ideas in our hour long discussion that you will want to listen in on…everything from how children are diagnosed to attachment neuroscience to practical parenting tools. I even shared on why children with attachment impairments “Monster Up!” – a phrase I coined. Take a moment to download or stream the show at