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S.A.F.E.R. H.O.M.E. : Helping parents deal with power struggles and out-of-control children.

by Ron Huxley, LMFT

Are you in a constant power struggle with your children? Feeling a little helpless to manage the continual arguments and competition between children in your home? Tired of yelling, bribing, and negotiating to get cooperation? Well here is a 9 step plan to help you create a “safer home”:

= Stop what you are doing. Your probably reacting to the stress of the situation and making things worse. Take some time to…

= Assess the situation, environment, mood and motivations of your child(ren). What are they doing? Why are they doing it? How are you handling it? Who is involved? Just notice for now…

=Focus on one problem or priority to address. Don’t try to tackle all the issues. Try and address the core issue that affects the most people/variables. This will allow you to…

E = Empathize with your child’s feelings. State: “I can understand how you would feel this way or want to act in a certain way, however…”

= Respond (versus reacting) by offering alternative solutions or asking for responses from the children to come up with the alternatives themselves. This activates all areas of the brain through empathy development (right brain and emotional centers of the brain) and logical thought (left brain and cause and effect areas of the brain)…

= Help children with suggestions for things they could try if they cannot come up with their own or if they won’t do it. “Would you like some ideas? What if we do x or y?”…

= Offer choices. Would you rather share the toy or find a new one? Brush teeth before or after putting on your pajamas? The more choices and the smaller they are spread out through the day the more compliance you will get. Choices mean power but only offer ones you can live with and be ready to…

M = Maintain your position when they go for that third choice you didn’t offer them. If they do this, you know you are playing a game that no one will win. You may have to be a broken record and repeat the choice two choices two times (this is important to only do it twice) and then…

E = Execute the choice everyone agreed to or take action if they can’t or won’t agree to one. You chose A or B. This is “do or die” when it comes to parenting. Be ready to stick to your choice and don’t back down. If you do, you give total control back to your child. The fight might be tough today but tomorrow it will be easier and easier the day after that until finally it will be a rare day that you have to fight it at all. Won’t that be nice and safe?

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New “Dream Parenting” Series

I originally started this series on my Inner Circle membership for the Parenting Toolbox a couple months ago. The short story is that I didn’t finish it. It also didn’t get as many eyeballs as I would have liked so I decided to put it out here, on the main blog page, to get a better conversation going. It might also get me to be more accountable about writing more. 

I call this series, the “Dream Parenting” because we all want to be the kind of parent we dreamed of but usually fall short of… I hope these thoughts help you and your family. Share your thoughts by leaving a comment here or on our Facebook page at

Dream Parenting: Taking Inventory

What is your biggest strength as a parent? What is your biggest weakness? This isn’t a time for denial to rear it’s ugly defenses. Be honest. What is your best plus or minus when it comes to parenting? Perhaps you don’t like your child. If that is it, admit it. Perhaps you are a horrible cook. Time for the truth because the truth, as they say, will set you free. Be honest about your strengths too. Don’t minimize them…blow them up. You will need this strength to get you through the days ahead. What do you love more than anything else about what you do as a parent? Love crafts, snuggle time, early mornings, weekend walks, trips to the park, reading stories together. Let’s build on those strengths and “do more of them”. This will make your journey to becoming the parent you “dreamed” you would be more of a reality.

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