Some teens aren’t liking Facebook as much as older users

Is Facebook losing its likability among teens?

Teens who belong to the first truly mobile generation — their most common form of communication is text messaging — are increasingly gravitating to services made for their smartphones and tablets like mobile social network Path. Photo-sharing apps are also very popular, especially Instagram. Above, Mary Lee, 13, of suburban Cleveland says she spends more time on the computer now than in the past.
(Tony Dejak, Associated Press / July 14, 2008)

Ron Huxley Reacts: The main reason I got on FB was to keep up with what my children are doing? Answer this question: What social network is your child hanging out online? Should mom and dad’s follow them to find out what they are posting? Where do you, the parent, like to hand out socially?

Behavior Charts: Free Parenting Tool

Have you seen our new Parenting Reports Section yet? There are several ebook, reports, whitepapers and charts for parents to build stronger, happier families. Today we are featuring one of our general behavior charts. Get it here:

Behavior charts are a great tool for parents to set structure and limits in the home. Be sure to communicate clearly with children about your expectations and get their buy in. Additionally, be sure that they are developmental appropriate to age and stage. A younger child can’t do as much as an older child but older child also have (or can earn) more freedom and independence. Evaluate your progress on a weekly basis to ensure the tool is working properly. Lastly, remember that a chart is just a tool and not a magic wand. If it doesn’t work for your child, use something else or feel free to alter it as needed.

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