30+ years of experience helping families heal…

From the desk of Ron Huxley…

“I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist providing faith-based, trauma-informed therapy for individuals and families. My heart is to see hurting people get complete healing in their life.

Currently, providing Telehealth therapy only but travel internationally educating parents and professionals on trauma-informed care. I look forward to talking with about your family or organization’s needs.

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Contact Information:

Phone: (805) 709-2023

Fax: (805) 856-1501

Email: rehuxley@gmail.com

Therapy Options:

Telehealth Therapy (50 Minutes) @ $130

Trauma-Informed Training (click here for info)

More about Ron…

Ron believes in taking a strength-based approach that builds on solutions. He believes that the “person is not the problem, the problem is the problem” and he creates strategies that fit each family situation in the shortest time necessary.

Ron takes a spiritual view when working with families. Too many therapists overlook the (w)holistic nature of healing by focusing on just one aspect of the individual.

National Trauma / Adoptions Expert:

Ron has spoken to parents about the importance of having a trauma-informed home or organization in every conceivable setting, from a Women’s Prison to Parent/Teacher Conferences to Corporate Board Rooms. He has written articles for Disney Family, Child Magazine, Readers Digest, Pregnancy Magazine, the Recovery Journal, and Woman’s World. He has appeared on numerous television and radio shows including BBC Radio, LA Talk Radio, the Leeza Gibbons Show, Parents Tool Talk Radio and Oprah.com. Recently, he was directing a children’s mental health clinic in California that specializes in attachment and trauma issues for foster care and adoptive families.

Ron has created a comprehensive training program on Trauma-Informed Care, called the Trauma Toolbox. This FREE, online training focuses on practical tools to manage trauma and toxic stress in the home, school, and community.

Ron is a master trainer for the Kinship Center, a member of Seneca Center of Agencies, providing workshops and training of trainers on “Parenting Traumatized Children” and “Adoption and Permanency Clinical Skills for Social Workers and Therapists”.  

Ron recently joined the National Center on Adoption and Permanency to help improve child welfare practices for families nationally as well as internationally. Check out their amazing team of experts here!

Parenting Certifications:

  • Incredible Years Parenting Certification
  • Family Wellness Instructor Training
  • S.T.E.P. (Systematic Training for Effective Parenting) Trainer
  • Love and Logic Parenting Training
  • Parenting Connections Coach

Specialized Clinical Expertise:

  • 30 years of Individual, Marital and Family Therapy
  • EMDR (Eye Movement, Desensitization, and Reprocessing for Trauma)
  • Faith-Based, Cognitive Processing Therapy
  • TheraPlay for Adoptive and Foster Care Families
  • Emotional Freedom Technique or “Tapping”
  • ACT (Adoption Clinical Skills) Training Facilitator
  • Sensory-Based Expressive Arts Therapy
  • SOZO (Faith-Based Prayer Counseling)
  • Mindfulness-Based Practices
  • “Love After Marriage” Ministry/Couples Coaching

Professional Associations (Past and Present):

  • California Association of Marriage, Family Therapists
  • Association of Christian Counselors
  • International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation
  • EMDRIA (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing International Association)
  • National Parent Educators Network
  • National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavior Medicine
  • Center for Clinical Excellence
  • International Art Therapy Organization

Healing Values: 

Values are what drive our best practices in life. These values are at the heart of healing for Ron Huxley and are evident in his work with families.

Healing occurs in “family”. The family is the primary healing agent for change. Children cannot be “fixed” but must be treated as powerful, creative people that must learn to live with other powerful, creative people called “family.” Family can look like many positive things.

Healing is Wholeness. Healing isn’t just about coping with problems, it is about being whole in mind, body, and spirit. It involves and impacts all three areas.

Healing looks like something. It should be noticeable, practical, and agreeable. It involves a change of heart as well as behavior. It is a measurable process.

Healing focuses on our strength’s. Healing builds on what is already working… It focuses on doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

Healing is multi-sensory and experiential. It uses all the senses and can involve storytelling, drama, movement, and art.

Healing occurs when a “false belief” is replaced with a “true belief”. A false belief is the real root of the problem, not the behavior.  Behaviors are the fruit of your beliefs.  Once the false belief is discovered, a true belief must take its place.

Healing is inherent in identity. You can choose what you believe about yourself and not what your situation suggests or others say about you. Once you know your identity you will know your needs and your boundaries.

Healing always involves truth. It comes from understanding “all there is to know” about the story of you. Even young children can handle the truth when shared in a developmentally appropriate and caring way. Truth brings freedom from pain.

What Others Say About Ron: 

“I have known Ron for almost 20 years as a colleague and close friend. We have shared professional space, lunches and many clinical and personal stories. That makes for knowing Ron Huxley at many levels.

Mr. Huxley is a true family man and has applied lessons of life to his marriage and raising his children and step-children. Being a man of faith has led him to a burden for Christian families that have gone through the process of adopting children. This also means he specializes in working with children of various background problems with attachment and trauma injuries. His Faith-based approach helps families apply spiritual truths and love to their relationship parenting issues. His thorough clinical approach to these issues brings expertise and experience to his therapeutic interventions. As a Marriage and Family Therapist, Ron uses effective family systems approaches with couples that bring marital issues into his office.

Ron’s honest compassion and sensitivity permeate his personal and professional relationships. He enjoys painting fine art and photography to express his creative side. 

I highly recommend Ron Huxley, MFT, to families and marriages seeking effective approaches to solving their personal and relationship hurts and developmental problems.”

– Ken Janzin, LMFT

“Ron Huxley is a skilled clinician with extensive experience working with families and individuals around adoption-related issues. Ron’s gentle and easy going personality make communicate smooth and him a pleasure to work with. His keen insights and ability to develop strategies and solutions to challenges and struggles are invaluable in the therapeutic setting. 

We are fortunate to have Ron in private practice and serving those touched by adoption on the Central Coast area.”

– Gina McKernon-Cindrich, Ph. D.

“I had the pleasure of working with Ron for several years. I could not have asked for a more high-quality mental health professional. A true person of integrity, he is kind, thoughtful, positive and extremely creative. He is able to see many dimensions of the work while retaining an excellent clinical stance and a fantastic sense of humor!”

– Laura Ornelas, LMFT

“Ron Huxley has over 20 years experience working with children and families in the field of adoption and foster care. I had the pleasure of working with Ron for over 7 years in San Luis Obispo County where I was able to witness first hand his creativity and thinking outside the box therapeutic interventions to help strengthen attachment and build positive relationships between parents and children. Ron is also a nationally recognized trainer in the field of adoption, attachment, and trauma and keeps up to date on the latest research and most effective interventions for helping families heal. I would highly recommend Ron Huxley as a therapist, trainer, and consultant. ”

– Liz Heidler, Ph.D.

“Ron is an MFT with years of clinical experience and a strong interest in developing practical tools or solutions to the issues that face all couples and families with children.“ 

– David Roy, Ph.D.

“Ron Huxley LMFT is a knowledgeable and creative child and family therapist. He has expertise in working with children and adults who have experienced trauma and loss as well as blended family issues. He is a leader in understanding and working with members of adoption constellations and family caregiving. His deep sensitivity combined with his knowledge makes him wonderful choice for families in crisis. I would recommend Ron without reservation.“ 

– Relindis Diaz, LMFT Infant Mental Health Specialist.

“I highly recommend Ron as his role of Marriage and Family Therapist. His expertise in parenting, cultivating healthy relationships and communication, as well as the breadth of his experience working with families makes his skills and compassion one of the best I’ve seen in my career. 

I have seen the progress his clients and programs have made under his care, and his approach-ability is second to none. I have a high regard for both his work, the success his clients have shown in practice, and the loving, thoughtful approach he takes to healing relationships and furthering communication. 

He’s a wonderful role model and therapist. The whole package.” 

Terri Kurczewski, Director of the Smart Studio

“The expert’s expert” comes to mind when I think of Ron Huxley– he has been monumental in guiding me through the growing pains of my coaching & speaking career. Ron has a way of asking just the right questions and providing just enough answers to help you discover your own path as you focus on what really matters most in your coaching practice and my parenting skills.”

– A Parenting Webmaster

“The Parenting Toolbox is a great resource for parents who want to avoid the ‘worst-case scenario’ with their kids.” The Parenting Toolbox was a contributor to Josh’s new “Worst-Case Scenario for Parents Handbook.”

– Joshua Piven, Author of Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook Series

“The resources and skills in the Parenting Toolbox are just the kind of help stressed-out parents need to support their children through difficult transitions. I strongly recommend the site. The solutions-based focus gets parents the help they need quickly.”

– Wendy Swallow Ph.D., author “Breaking Apart: A Memoir of Divorce”

“Ron  Huxley has broken new ground with his ever-expanding toolbox full of strategies, information, and support life’s issues. This is a unique method of providing long-term, affordable support for clients, bringing his insights as well as useful resources for all.”

– Michael Fenichel, Ph.D.

“You can just tell Mr. Huxley lives and practices the concepts and ideas in his writings.  There is a lot of creditability here that speaks to me as a parent. Thank you again, Mr. Huxley!”

– George Humlong, University of Kentucky College of Social Work Training Resource Center

“Thank you for your help in managing my anger. You practice what you preach and that speaks volumes.  I believe I have gained some good insight into alternative ways to manage anger.  Once again thank you.”

Sincerely, A  Grateful Parent

“I’ve been subscribing to Parenting Toolbox for some time now.  I value the articles and advice…they are life-changing – – both for me and my girls.”

A warm thank you for a loving (but weary) mom.

“The only complaint I have is that I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH TIME TO READ EVERYTHING!.  Seriously, I use as much of the information as I can
as discussion topics for my parenting groups.”.

– Parenting Educator

“I wanted to let you know how wonderful your site is. I spent my whole lunch hour today on your website.  I printed off so many wonderful articles and advice.  Sometimes, you need someone who’s done all the research and reading and knows enough to take it all and say: Here’s how it’s done and why.  Believe me, it helps!”

– another happy “mom”

“Thank you for your contribution to the web and your recognition of blended and nontraditional families! As always, your articles are superb.”

– second wives club.com

“Ron is very conscientious, ethical, knowledgeable and reliable. He possesses excellent oral and written communication skills. His orientation is client-centered and strength based.”

– San Luis Obispo County Department of Mental Health

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