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Becoming a Non-anxious Presence: Abiding & Being
Jan 21-22, 2022 with special guests Murray Duek and Ron Huxley

It is no coincidence that the waning of Christianity in North America has coincided with the rise of anxiety, depression, and the decline of mental health. We live in a hurried, anxious world. We have been inundated with a culture that constantly anticipates the next nothing.

When we look at Jesus we see a stark contrast with our modern world. He does not seem rushed, he is not hurried, and he encourages us to become like little children. Have you ever watched a child lost in play? Time is a foreign concept to them.

What would we look like if we could recapture what it means to live from the place of rest Christ promised to be for us? The wisdom of the Christian mystics gives us a glimpse into the unhurried life of settling into God. The practice of contemplation and the formation of the inner life are key facets to the spirituality of historic Christianity. They help us establish a rhythm of encounter. Perhaps the wisdom of the Christian ancients can break through our modern veneer today.
Let us explore what it means to become like Jesus, a non-anxious presence in a world of anxiety.

Session 1 (Jan 21, Fri – 5PM PST/8PM EST) – Living from Rest – The Invitation
Session 2 (Jan 22, Sat – 10AM PST/1PM EST) – Encountering the Living Being – The spirituality of the patristics
Session 3 (Jan 22, Sat – 1PM PST/4PM EST) – Exuding Christ
Sessions will be approximately 2 hours in length with a ten-minute break halfway through

Cost: $50
*Recordings will be made available

Register at:

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