Just because your children are stuck at home doesn’t mean that can’t benefit from occupational therapy or therapeutic movement. Now you can use the Coordikids Home-Based OT program. Watch Your Child’s Social Skills and Self-Control Dramatically Improve!

Best of all it is free during this “Stay-At-Home” order for families! Use the code “ROH” when checking out to get this free offering.


  • Perfect for busy families on a tight budget. (FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME)
  • Works for children of any age. 
  • Video exercises will motivate children to learn the skills.
  • New videos every two weeks for 1 year but available for 3 years.
  • Build on scientific practices and 47 years of combined Occupational Therapy Experience.
  • Creates connections between parents and children. 
  • Boosts confidence at home, school and social situations.
  • Increases emotional regulation (fewer tantrums, outbursts, aggression).
  • FREE expert consultations to customize a program to your child and families needs.
  • Available anytime, anywhere in flexible, fun delivery to your computer. 


How does Sensory Integration Heal Trauma?

Sensory Integration is a relatively easy way to assist trauma victims towards full recovery.  Researchers have recently begun to learn more about the important link between sensory integration challenges and children who have suffered from trauma. Similar to adults who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), children who experience trauma early in life may be anxious or constantly concerned something bad will happen. Recognizing these children’s understanding of the world is based upon their sensory systems is an important first step in helping them to cope with everyday experiences.

A person deals with trauma using sensory processing and lower brain functions (and not with things such as rational thoughts). Therefore, responses may not be reasonable as they are driven by instinctual reminders. This knowledge can be vastly helpful in guiding treatment for young trauma victims. For example, when talk therapy is used exclusively, not all of the impacted senses are addressed. Consequently, as illustrated in a 2010 study by Kaiser et al., trauma victims show far more improvement when therapy includes sensory integration treatments. Addressing such areas of challenge both alleviate trauma symptoms and assists children in developing strategies to better manage future situations. 

For children who may be struggling to manage sensory inputs, changing the intensity of the input can help immensely. For example, decreasing the volume of a video clip, lowering the level of surrounding activity or minimizing the use fabrics perceived as “itchy” or “clingy”, may help significantly. CoordiKids encourages the development of the sensory motor skills through easy-to-follow exercises that can significantly help trauma victims.

Best of all it is free during this “Stay-At-Home” order for families! Use the code “ROH” when checking out to get this free offering. Click here now: https://www.coordikids.com/schoolathome/

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