Do you journal? Research shows that if someone journals once per day, for 4-days in a row, huge gains are made to immune system functioning, PTSD symptoms, anxiety symptoms, heart rate, and blood pressure. Consequently, this method has been used to treat trauma symptoms, abuse histories, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, depression, and more. 

Of course, not everyone enjoys writing. A powerful alternative to writing in a journal is art journaling. Art journaling is a visual diary that combines art, images, and words. It can have the same mental health benefits as writing.

Art journaling allows the individual to explore psychological and spiritual themes in their lives. Just rip pages from a magazine, old discarded book and add your thoughts and feelings. Images will “call out” to you and give you inspiration. Adhere them with glue, tape or staples! Now you have the beginnings of an art journal.

Spread from Ron Huxley’s Art Journal

I like to use “discarded, rejected” books from the library as my journal. I like taking something that is unwanted and repurposing it and creating something new and beautiful. Supplies can be found bits of ephemera or you can purchase name brand items from the art store. Any form of media or style is acceptable. This is really for you, by you, only.

During the process of art journaling, you might find untapped wells of resiliency that you didn’t know you had or find new sources of comfort and meaning that couldn’t come from just words.

Spread from Ron Huxley’s Art Journal

Art journaling can also be a way to get overcome a creative block, manage boredom and reduce perfectionism. Art journeyers can use this practice to explore their cultural and spiritual roots, grieve losses, and overcome historical traumas.   

Spread from Ron Huxley’s Altered DSM (click here for a slide show)

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