One of the major healing strategies for healing a traumatized child is to build core competencies.

Competency is a skill that allows a child to be self-aware, self-disciplined, and demonstrate self-control. All traits parents want to see in their child. These areas are largely deficient in children who experience toxic stress!

Fortunately, the skills can be learned through healthy, human interactions. This is an active process, referred to in the Bible as “training up a child”. Parents must take this literally to mean actual training. Passive actions, on the part of the parent or caregiver, is not enough. Love is not enough. Lecturing is not enough. Healing from trauma is hard work but it is possible.

Our goal is to create power-full people who know how to manage themselves well. Parents must model, coach, and reinforce positive core values and competencies repeated thousands of times “to train up a child in the way they should go”.

If you would like more help for your traumatized child, contact Ron Huxley for a face-to-face session, Skype call, or training for your organization

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