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It is my honor today to speak at the Welcoming Children Home 2017: Central Coast Adoption and Foster Care Conference.

“The purpose of this annual Central Coast Orphan Care Conference is to motivate and inform Christians of both the Biblical call and the needs of orphans. This conference is for everyone! Those interested in foster care and adoption; those with adopted or foster kids looking for more support and training; and those who are wanting to care for orphans globally and domestically but not called to adopt.”

My breakout session will be on “NeuroResilience: How to Trauma Proof Your Nervous System” and will provide practical strategies for healing hurt families.

In my practice, many parents are frustrated with their attempts to use traditional behavioral strategies like time out, behavior charts, and removing privileges. It is not the methods that are ineffective. The problem is the nervous system. Toxic stress severely impacts the child’s nervous system causing developmental delays and emotional dysregulation. Traditional methods are unable to “stick” to the child’s nervous system that isn’t resilient enough to manage the more cognitive parenting strategies.

NeuroResilience is a term that I coined to describe how parents can help their hurting children create balanced nervous systems. These tools will allow children to have greater self-regulation and more peaceful lives.

You can view the handouts for Ron’s NeuroResilience training by clicking here!

If you would like Ron to develop a workshop or training for your organization, contact him today at or call (805) 709-2023.

Take an online course in Ron’s Family Healer School…click here now. 

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