Fall is my favorite time of year! Let’s celebrate the transition of the season with a special offer of 50% discount on all Family Healer Courses. This offer is good until October 15, 2017, so get it today…

Use Promotion Code: fall2017

Family Healer Courses:

> Freedom From Anxiety: An Integrative Approach for Healing Panic, Worry, Fear, and Anxiety: The Art and Science of Creating Better Behaved Children in 24 Hours!
> Parenting Styles: Do you and your partner fight over how to discipline? This is one of the most common parenting problems in families. Now you can learn how to balance love and limits in the home.
> Spiritual Parenting: How do you develop character in your child and make sure they know right from wrong? Learn the principles of moral development and create deep connections from the inside out!
> Total Family Makeover: From the Inside Out!: Isn’t it time to make some changes in your most important relationships!

Click to get order now. Use code fall2017.

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