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Do you suffer from panic attacks? If you have ever had a sudden, strong feeling of fear that comes without warning and thought you were going to have a heart attack, then you know what a terror this condition can be…

Ron Huxley’s Freedom From Anxiety program provide online education and insight into how to manage panic attacks and much more.

You can learn how to break the cycle of panic as well as deal with uncontrollable worry, rumination, and daily anxiety with this powerful program, all from the convenience of your home.

Conquer your panic as you discover what and why your brain triggers these attacks, learn to challenge anxious thoughts, and find balance in your life.

In addition, the Freedom From Anxiety program provides you with 20 multimedia lessons, 12 articles, 15 handbooks, and 16 audios to listen as you go on how to find breakthrough over anxiety in your life.

In our video on how to deal with Panic attacks, we teach you about Panic Pizza. In this fun exercise, you learn to identify your physical sensations and scary thoughts and bring them into balance and consume your out-of-control feelings one slice at a time!

SPECIAL OFFER: This program is absolutely FREE until September 1st, 2017. You can get it now at


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