Parenting Self-Reminders

By Ron Huxley, LMFT

If you like to be productive, you probably set a reminder or two about things that need to get done. Reminders can be put on our a phones, left as little post-it notes around the house or scribbled on a to-do list. Whatever your preferred method to get things done, you need to be reminded what, when and how in order for it all to get accomplished.

As parents we set up reminders. We make sure the parent-teacher conference meetings are on the calendar and the remind ourselves of short release days at school and when to get more pick up prescriptions, etc. What if we went deeper and reminded ourselves to tell our children how amazing they were or to stop our endless list of chores to draw a picture with them or pray for our kids day. Let’s try making a soul-reminder list and see what changes in our home atmospheres and relationships with the people who NEED us the most. 

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