It’s Almost Here! It was an honor to be able to contribute to this publication on helping grandparents raising grandchildren or aunts and uncles raising nieces and nephews or older siblings raising younger brothers and sisters or any kinship care situation. Reserve your copy today!

The Kinship Parenting Toolbox
A unique guidebook for the kinship care parenting journey

Edited by Kim Phagan Hansel
With 7.1 million grandchildren living with their grandparents and 4.7 million children living with “other relatives,” according to the 2010 census, almost 12 million children in America today are being raised in kinship care. Of course, this group of kinship providers comes with unique needs and challenges that they face. And the outcome for millions of children depend on the resources and support these families can access. This book helps build resources for these families, in the hopes that children’s lives will be profoundly, positively impacted.

Containing articles from more than 70 contributors touched in a variety of ways by kinship care – grandparents raising grandchildren, children raised by relatives, social workers, therapists, kinship support organizations and others, this book will be a much need resource for those working with and parenting relative’s children.

Chapters include:
The Unexpected Role
Getting Organized
Your Legal Toolbox
Your Financial Toolbox
Our Changing Family
Guilt, Shame, & Love
Perspective of the Child
Finding Support
Parenting Children from Tough Starts
Understanding Attachment
Behavior and Discipline
Working with Schools
The Teen Years
Tying Up Loose Ends

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