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When children practice the great joy of giving to people —
they get the great joy of becoming grateful people!

1. A “Gifts We Already Have” List

Hang a long paper on a wall or on the fridge or back of door to write down all the things you are grateful for. Fill that list up before Christmas — a list of all the countless ways God blesses you all as a family. The gateways into the holidays [holy-days]?
is always Thanksgiving…  “Enter into His presence through the gate of THANKSGIVING — & in His presence is fullness of JOY” (Ps.100:4, Ps16:11) So when the holidays get hard, for big kids or little kids?  Deep breath & remember how you always get into the holidays & JOY — through that gateway: Thanksgiving.  Hold on through the holidays:
JOY IS ALWAYS POSSIBLE — because there is always, always something to be THANKFUL for!

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