Honor of Family

by Ron Huxley, LMFT

There are many days as a parent that you think to yourself: “How am I going to get through this day?” Admit, you’ve asked yourself this question. Much of life can be about “getting through” and finding how to fill the hours of the day with as much peace as possible.

Today, ask yourself a different question: “How can I honor each member of my family?” Take it a bit deeper and follow up with the declaration: “It is an honor to be member of this family” and list as many reasons as you can to back that statement up. You might think it is an honor to hear your child laugh or have your partner tell he loves you or it is an honor to be known by others and to know someone else so completely. 

You will live a long time with this people. You might not always like them. You might get very frustrated with some of there behaviors. But what is the honor side of these relationships. Perhaps, even the struggles, are ways you have grown as a person and learned more about your own strengths and weaknesses and now you are a better person for it. 

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