People who feel they deserve success are among those most likely to fail when challenges arise, research from New Zealand has revealed.


“People who believe that they don’t need to work for good grades – that they are just entitled to them by right – are annoying, but there wasn’t any evidence before now that it’s actually a self-destructive strategy,” says study co-author Professor Jamin Halberstadt, at the University of Ontago in New Zealand.


The study also supports the notion that people who feel excessively entitled believe that others are responsible for their success or failure, and are less motivated to put in extra effort when required.

“When an entitled person encounters obstacles to achieving an outcome, they feel like they shouldn’t have to work for it,” Jamin says. “In fact, you should see a challenge as evidence that you need to work harder.”

Australian study confirms that entitlement is the enemy of excellence. Pair with the psychology of how to prevent such entitlement when raising children.  (via explore-blog)

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