Couple disagreeing

1Grandparent involvement

When it comes to grandkids, grandparents can tend to undermine you and spoil the kids rotten without a second though. Although your in-laws may drive you up the wall, try and broach the topic calmly and with solutions in mind.

2Criticism about parenting

There are no set rules for parenting, but when it comes to the way your partner changes a diaper or the fact that you rock junior to sleep on occasion, it seems like parents are quick to criticize one another. Before you voice your opinion on why feeding your little one like an airplane is better than a choo choo, remind yourself that your way isn’t better than his. Unless health or safety is concerned, and choose your battles.

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3Escaping for “me” time

A major parenting issue is the loss of “me” time, which can lead to frequent “I’ll be right back” moments that stretch on for hours. To help address this need, communicate with your partner and establish ample alone time away for each of you.

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4Dividing household and baby duties

Before you expanded your family, the division of household chores was clear cut. But with kids comes additional responsibilities, so set up time to divide up household and baby duties so there is no confusion or resentment and avoid this issue that parents commonly fight about.

5How to discipline your children

There are thousands of tips for parents on how to discipline your children, but when it comes to doling out punishment, parents often find themselves on different pages. When you find yourselves butting heads over how your kids should be disciplined, set time aside away from little ears and discuss how you’d like to discipline your children.

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6Deciding who gets up with the kids

Having kids usually means getting a lot less sleep. Whether it’s getting up with the baby in the middle of the night or getting up with the kids at the crack of dawn, agree on a schedule to cut out any bitterness or feelings that your partner is getting more sleep than you.

One of the most important tips for parents is this: The best way to parent is to parent together. “Remember: parenting is a team effort. A team is a group of people with different skills and different ways of doing things,” says Neil Mcnerney, LPC. “Being a parent team is more about supporting each other’s leadership and less about trying to parent identically.” Once you open up the lines of communication and focus on supporting one another, you may find that you share more opinions on parenting than you realize and can avoid some of the top six parenting issues.

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