University of Michigan Associate Professor at the School of Social Work, Brad Zebrack, Ph.D., MSW, offers some valuable insight and advice about parenting with cancer in the video below, which recently aired on the PBS show A Wider World. Dr. Zebrack is a Hodgkin lymphoma survivor since 1985 and has devoted his career to studying the impact of cancer on families and young adults.

Additional resources:

In Ann Arbor, The Cancer Support Community of Greater Ann Arbor has programs for kids or teenagers who have a parent with cancer. Parents meet separately from kids to discuss their own concerns and share advice. Find more about the groups and see the May/June calender for meetings here or call Bonnie Dockham, program director, at 734-975-2500.

How to Tell Your Children About Your Cancer, from the National Comprehensive Cancer Network.

Parenting With Cancer, a website created by Jen Singer, a lymphoma survivor and mother of two.

The Children’s Treehouse Foundation provides tools for parents and support at hospitals throughout the country.

Helping Your Children Cope With Your Cancer, a collection of essays written by parents, their children and health care experts.

Betsy de Parry is the author of Adventures In Cancer Land and the producer of the Candid Cancer reports. Find her on Facebook, email her or follow Candid Cancer on Twitter.


Ron Huxley: This is one of the those topics that no one really talks about…that is why it is here on the Parenting Toolbox.

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