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There are many ways for parents to keep the love alive.

Becoming a parent is a wonderful experience for two people, but it can create a lapse in your romance. Finding ways to rekindle the flame after the arrival of your children can be complicated, but with some planning and patience, you can find romance with your spouse all over again. You might find your love bond is stronger in a whole different way.

  1. Dinner and a Movie

    • A classic date of dinner and a movie can rekindle your romance as parents. Arrange for a babysitter on a Saturday or Sunday, take in a matinee and have an early dinner. You’ll get to spend quality, romantic time with your significant other and get home in time to put your baby to bed. Keep things fair by allowing one spouse to choose the movie while the other gets to pick the dinner spot. Talk about yourselves and other life events, but avoid talking about the children if possible. The point of the date is to spend time with each other, remembering why you fell in love.

    Weekend Getaway

    • Plan a weekend away to a favorite or new spot if you can arrange for a babysitter and feel comfortable enough to leave your children overnight. A spa getaway can be relaxing for both spouses, helping you to reconnect with each other. A trip to a nearby city for shopping and dinner can be enjoyable too. Keep the focus on each other and take advantage of the free time to rekindle intimacy with your spouse.


    • Ask the grandparents or a close friend to keep your children overnight and have a “stay-cation.” Spend the day or weekend at home, lounging in your pajamas and catching up on movies or television. Sleep in, make love and spend time in your hometown like you did before you had children. Enjoy the free time in your own home, but focus on spending time with your spouse. Do not use the time to clean, catch up on bills or other mundane, household tasks. Save that for another time.

    Renew Your Wedding Vows

    • Renewing your lifelong commitment to each other after you have children can be a nice romantic gesture. Arrange to have a priest or minister renew your marriage vows, either in your own home or at a church. You can have a small reception-type gathering at your home or a local restaurant. Recreate the sentiments from your wedding, such as a toast or cutting a wedding cake. The point is to focus on your love and how it has evolved and grown stronger since you’ve become parents.

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