The Foster Parenting Toolbox covers topics from newborns to teens and everything in between for not only foster parents, but also those who work with foster parents: case workers, social workers, judges, CASA’s, GAL’s and others. Three Kinship Center professionals are among the contributors.

Edited by Kim Phagan-Hansel, the editor of Fostering Families Today Magazine, the book features more than 100 contributors who have helped weave a stunning tapestry of advice specifically for foster parents and the professionals and case workers who are on their team. This 464-page book is an extension of the trainings offered by individual states. It’s a top of the nightstand resource that offers today’s foster parents access to a wealth of useful information from professionals in the field and successful foster parents in the trenches. This is a book you won’t read all at once, but come back to again and again.

Ron Huxley Reports: I was honored by being asked to author one of the chapters for this newly published book on “Kinship Caregivers.” Check the book out at

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