Welcome to the new ParentingToolbox Experiment. 

From the desk of Ron Huxley, Founder:

The ParentingToolbox has always been my labor of love. I have been working on it for 13 years now and, hopefully, will continue to do so for a long time. To do that, I need to stay relevant to the parents who use the parenting tools I talk about. As a parent of four children myself and child therapist working with thousands of families of the last two decades, I see the continual need for practical answers to tough questions. This has always been what the ParentingToolbox is about. 

I started the ParentingToolbox back in 1998, as a way to promote my book “Love and Limits: Achieving a Balance in Parenting.”  We might call that time version 1.0. It quickly grew into a resource site with free parenting article and ebooks. That was version 2.0. As the internet bubble expanded, I started speaking on a national level and wrote as a parenting syndicated author for various other websites and magazines. The website morphed into a membership site with group forums and email lists galore. That was a fun few years. Let’s call this ParentingToolbox 3.0.As we all now, the bubble burst and so did my membership site. It never made me rich but I took my family out to a few nice dinners. Thank you if you were a member back then. Even thought the economy dropped, I refused to let the ParentingToolbox go, so I recreated it into a blog. That has gone on for a few years now. When I started it as a blog, there was much of a social media world out there. Twitter was just a funny name and Facebook or Linkedin or any other social media network was unknown. Of course we moved into those areas because that is where parents were and we wanted to be available to parents in this new, modern world.

That brings me to ParentingToolbox version 4.0. The site is still a labor of love (code for it makes me now money though the good Lord knows I have tried). I want to keep the site relevant while still maintaining it original vision of offering parents helpful, practical advice. I want to make the site more user friendly and social. I guess this is an experiment for me as well as you. Let’s see where this goes. 

What can you do with this new format?

Socialize! Chat about the latest parenting news, share information, encourage one another, show picts of our grandchildren, report on a parenting book you read, ask a tough parenting question. It is an experiment. Let’s see what we can get started…

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